Social, Societal, Environmental Responsibility

The LV Overseas Group has been committed to the CSR approach since 2015 (Social, Societal, Environmental Responsibility), in order to be a reference in international transport, by acting on the sustainable development of the planet, on respect, at the level social, human rights, without discrimination, and by promoting equality between men and women.

This approach responds to the values ​​that the LV Overseas Group defends in order to build and maintain controlled economic performance.

Through its approach, the Group is committed to the loyalty of its practices and compliance with regulations, to its contribution to local development, it ensures the respect and protection of its employees as well as respect for gender equality / women, it guarantees the health and safety of its employees, the development of their skills, and respect for the environment through the choice of its suppliers.

The Group’s Health, Safety, Security and Environment policy is a permanent issue. This translates into increased vigilance, full and rigorous compliance with regulatory procedures and requirements:

– Assessment of occupational risks, respect for working conditions, order and cleanliness;

– Permanent dialogue with all CSE stakeholders, and the supervisory authorities, the QSE department, the provision of personal protection and work clothes;

– A strong policy of professional training (fire drills, OHS, dangerous goods training, gestures and postures), profession, the needs of which are gathered during professional interviews;

– Awareness and prevention: watchwords to curb the COVID-19 pandemic within our Group;

– The migration of employees to “Teams” IT tools;

– The integration of hybrid vehicles;


All this translates into a policy followed and supported by the Group’s General Management.